What is REIN



An exclusive Membership Program which is dedicated to educating its Members about how, where and when to buy Canadian real estate. From networking with other active investors, to having direct access to leading-edge experts, it is simply the most complete program of its kind anywhere in North America.


You will never have to buy from, invest with, or put money into any real estate deal with anyone in, or associated with REIN™. But if you want to, there will be many opportunities to do joint ventures or purchase properties with other Members. You are always in control!

We succeed when you succeed, that’s why our single objective is to help YOU become an experienced, confident and wealthy real estate investor.

REIN was created over 16 years ago, as a totally unique, one-of-a-kind real estate wealth creation program to show people just like you, the safe and secure path to building a portfolio of Canadian real estate. In fact, many of the Members are on a fast-track to buying 17 properties in 3 years (or less) some using little or none of their own money!

REIN Teaches the Real estate Investor how to answer four critical questions.

How? – Use PROVEN real estate investment systems that are not just theory. They must be thoroughly tested and proven in the “real world” by successful real estate investors. These systems MUST be designed to decrease your risk, increase your cash flow and increase your return on investment.

Where? – Using only the most up-to-date research available, you must identify EXACTLY which towns or cities to invest in… and which ones to avoid at all costs. Only then will you maximize your profits.

What? – Certain types of real estate will do very well in different markets, while other types will sit vacant for months and drop in value. For example, the most heavily marketed type of real estate to investors actually has the least profit potential. What you buy will have a major impact on your future wealth!

When? – Timing is critical! As with any major boom, it will hit different towns at different times… with a different impact in each town. Therefore, if you know when it will hit a specific town, and with what force, you will create major profits.

To create massive results safely and securely, it’s critical that you discover the answer to not just 1, 2 or 3 of these questions… but to all 4!

For the last 16+ years, REIN™ has been studying the latest economic and social trends, to provide our clients with clear answers to these questions. We do our own in-depth research and we talk to leading-edge researchers and demographers. And the signs are very clear! The next real estate BOOM is just beginning. And that means that today, you are living in…

An Unprecedented Buying Opportunity For You to Create a Financial Windfall For Yourself!

But – here’s the secret – our latest research shows that only certain, specific KEY small cities and towns in Canada are poised for huge increase in real estate values. While others will be missed by the BOOM completely. That’s why this program is so crucial to your future wealth.
REIN’s research also shows that networking with other real estate investors and having access to “insider” knowledge creates an amazingly solid base from which you can create your real estate fortune.

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