Meet the Team

Meet Glen Godlonton and the Team

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us:

Above all, our Team Commits to:

  • Educating you.
  • Providing you with all the necessary information.
  • Helping make the best decision FOR YOU.
  • Professional Ethics.
  • Providing a web site that allows you to view all listings
  • Never pressuring you.
  • Being available for all your Real Estate questions.
  • Ensuring that you are so happy with your experience you are willing to refer your Friends and family to our team

We are constantly striving to improve our services and processes

So who is The Glen Godlonton Real Estate Team you may ask ???

Our Mission Statement

Integrity | Value | Effective

These 3 Simple words are the guiding principles of The Glen Godlonton Real Estate Team.

INTEGRITY – On a daily basis we transact all of our business and personal dealings with our clients best interest first and foremost in our minds. We will never comprise our integrity, as we understand long-term relationships are based on trust and honesty.
VALUE – We will provide our clients with the utmost return on their investment in our team. We provide an excellent, above the industry average, service for our fees.
EFFECTIVE – We will get the job done. We will complete all tasks requested of us in a timely manner with the least amount of inconvenience to our clients.


So who are the team Members:

Glen Godlonton has a number other very experienced associates and staff that work closely with him. Glen also works with Andrew Jones. Having two Realtors working for you, means that you always have access to a professional. Glen and Andrew both operate out of our main CIR Realty office on 64 Ave in the Southeast in Fountain Court. This office is fully staffed with our team of professional assistants and the latest in computer and internet technology. We also have access to in house Lawyer, Mortgage Brokers, and a full Insurance agency.

Shehz is our main assistant that looks after client liaison for the team. When Glen is out of town or taking a family day off Andrew is the main Realtor contact for his clients. 

The team as a whole is very experienced is Glen has 20+ years, Andrew has 15+ years experience working as Realtors here in Calgary. We look forward to helping you with all of your real estate requirements!







Glen Godlonton

Glen Godlonton


Glen is at a point in his financial life where he chooses to help his friends and client’s with their personal real estate needs. It is no longer about the commission earned on each deal. Glen’s desire is to build life long relationship to help each and every client increase their personal net worth using the tool of Real Estate. It does not matter if you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, Glen will help you make the best choice for YOU. Glen will not only help you find a great home, or sell your existing property, he will do this all while helping guide you down the path to financial freedom!

All you have to do is ask and Glen will share his expertise with you!

How will Glen do this you might ask?

BACKGROUND: The Godlonton family settled in Alberta in 1884 and have been living in the Richmond, Killarney, South Calgary area ever since. Glen was born and raised in Killarney attended Viscount Bennett High School, SAIT and the U of C, he still makes his home in Calgary’s S.W. Inner city. Glen was a proven sales professional before entering the real estate industry, with more than 20 years of sales, marketing, negotiating and management experience. He has previously owned and operated two successful sales companies that marketed Software, Technology and High Tech Navigation Equipment internationally. His decision to enter the real estate industry was not taken lightly. Glen is a people person the biggest enjoyment he gets is seeing the smile on his clients face when he hands them the keys to their first home. This is much more satisfying than just selling technology. He loves the product; there is such diversity in housing.

EXPERIENCE: A licensed REALTOR within the province of Alberta since 1999, he is still licensed with Re/Max Realty Professionals, were he started his career. The CIR Real Estate brand is the biggest and best in the world and the cross marketing advantages it brings to his clients are enormous. During his career Glen has received numerous awards from both the Calgary Real Estate Board (CREB) and Re/Max International, most recently the distinguished CIR Hall of Fame Award. Glen’s expertise goes far beyond fancy sales and marketing he is a very mechanically inclined individual that has personally renovated and repaired every item or system that can be found in a home in Calgary. He truly understands housing to the bones. This mechanical knowledge is extremely valuable to his clients as he educates them while searching for the perfect home.

SPECIALIZATION: Instead of just specializing in one neighbourhood or Geographic area, as most Realtors do, Glen specialises in specific types of real estate. Glen concentrates on Inner-city homes (such as infill’s, older bungalows and the land they reside on), Investment properties (Positive cash flowing Duplexes, and Rental properties) and homes ideal for First Time Home Buyers. Glen enjoys creating a custom marketing plan for every home that he sells. This plan insures that the marketing is targeted to the most likely buyer demographic thus maximizing his sellers return on investment

REAL ESTATE AS INVESTMENT: Buying a home is the biggest investment most people ever make in their lives. It doesn’t matter whether you plan to live in the home or use strictly as an investment, purchasing in the wrong location can cost you well over $100,000 in lost appreciation. When you are educated, Real Estate is the best financial investment that a person can make PERIOD. Glen purchased his first piece of Real Estate in the 1980’s & continues to grow his personal portfolio, he understand the investment aspects of the Calgary marketplace. Glen will educate you on the financial and investment characteristics of real estate and will guide you to the properties with the highest rates of return on the best streets, in the best neighbourhoods, all within your personal criteria and budget.

ONGOING EDUCATION: If you are not Learning – you are not Living: Glen is a firm believer in on continuing education and try’s to attend or teach more than 20 classes a year. Please CLICK to review some of the books he has read and the Courses he has attended

INTERNET EXPERIENCE: Glen stated using a computer in the 1970’s, back when Punch Cards were king. He studied Electronics at SAIT and U of C in the 1980’s. He started writing Web sites and using the Internet for marketing in the early 1990’s. He has been using Facebook, Google, YouTube, Visual Tours, LinkedIn and Twitter since there were invented in the 2000’s. Without a doubt the internet is the biggest and best marketing tool ever invented since the advent of the telephone. Glen understands how to sell and market real estate on the Internet better than most Realtors in Calgary. Do not underestimate the power of the internet


“Experience is something that you cannot buy; it can only come with time. If a Realtor has not invested the time, they do not have experience” Do not choose an agent that may get trained at your expense!

Experience is the Key, when you summarize Glens background.


  • 30+ Years sales and marketing experience;
  • 20+ Years buying and selling personal Real Estate Investments;
  • 20+ Years of Managing and Repairing Personal property;
  • 10+ Years as a licensed Realtor in the Calgary market;
  • 50+ Real Estate Continuing Education Courses;
  • 35+ Years of applying computer technology in the business environment;
  • 40+ Years of Inner-city Calgary knowledge;
Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones

Andrew Jones was born and raised in Calgary. He attended The Calgary Waldorf School, Central Memorial High and Mount Royal University where he studied business and entrepreneurship. Andrew has always been an active individual competing in sports like downhill ski racing and playing Junior football for the Calgary Colts. Since then, Andrew successfully ran a painting company for 10 years, serving many communities throughout Calgary and the surrounding area. His dedication to customer service while running his business has provided him with repeat clientele, lasting connections and close friendships.  Through Andrew’s extensive knowledge of the city, and his commitment to his clients, he is sure to dedicate his familiarity and expertise in residential real estate to ensure you find the next place to call home. 


Career Accomplishments


As recognized by the

Calgary Real Estate Board



    Education and Professional Training



      As recognized by

      RE/MAX International


        Shehzmeen Dewji Bapoo

        Shehzmeen Dewji Bapoo

        Shehz provides both Glen and Andrew with in-office support. In addition to answering your phone call, Shehz looks after much of the office computer work and correspondence and takes on some very important roles to assist you while you are working with our team.

        Relocation Service:
        If you are considering a move to Calgary and need information about the city, schools, housing and our real estate services, you’ll want to talk to Shehz. She will assemble a comprehensive information package on Calgary and courier it out to you. If you have special needs or interests, let her know and she will do everything possible to track down any available information for you.

        Closing Co-ordinator:
        Once you have bought or sold a property with the team, Shehz takes charge of your transaction until the sale has closed. She makes sure the necessary correspondence and copies of documents are sent to your lawyer, banker and other parties as needed. If you have questions at any time, Shehz is easily available to update you or get the right party to call you back with a fast response.

        Service and commitment to our clients is high on Shehzmeen’s priority list. .