Investment Caravan

Welcome to our Investors’ Caravan page!

Many of our clients are already familiar with this effective format:

we are going out with a group of investors to view different types of properties and discussing the investment potential of each of them right on the spot.

During the tour, we go over the current market situation and see how the specific property we are viewing fits into the marketplace. Depending on the goals of the attendees, we determine:

whether the specific property present a good opportunity in terms of return on investment;
what potential the property could have with correct management;
what are the long term perspectives in the land value appreciation, etc.
We also look at other comparable listings in the area and the sold properties to educate our clients so they could make the best choice.

We provide educational materials to everyone in attendance, and some refreshments are usually served as well.

A mortgage broker is also attending to answer all your financing questions.

The exact tour map is distributed to confirmed attendees 2 days ahead of the Caravan weekend.

Fill in the form to the right and we’ll get in touch right away. We are looking forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your Real Estate goals!

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